Mr. Nobuharu Tabata
Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation

 Dear Mr. President,

We learned that the Supreme Court of the Philippines had already issued its final decision regarding the injunction case issued by the Court of Appeals last July 21, 2001. According to the final decision, the Supreme Court of the Philippines set aside and nullified the resolution of the Court of Appeals, which enjoined the union from demanding collective bargaining and negotiation.

We also have learned that the International Labor Organization issued a very good recommendation favoring the union of TMPCWA. However, despite such finality of the said decision of the Supreme Court and the recommendation of the ILO, the Toyota management refused and still refuses to start the negotiation with the union, instead it created a company dominated union under the name of Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation Labor Organization (TMPCLO) and successfully securing an order from the Department of Labor and Employment to conduct certification of election.

We condemn this dirty anti-union scheme of Toyota management and all of its sponsored union leaders under the yellow union TMPCLO-TMPCSU-LMC.

We strongly request TMPC not to allow the conduct of Certification Election and to set aside the decision of the DOLE, while following and respecting the law and the decision of the Supreme Court, and to start the main and major issue of CBA-negotiation in good faith with the union TMPCWA as soon as possible, or else we will continue this protest action against Toyota and spread the news internationally.

Yours sincerely

July 24, 2005

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 Cc: Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation Workers Association