Encouragement Letter to TMPCWA

We ZENZOSEN (All Japan Shipbuilding & Engineering Union Kanto Region) always pay particular attention to your struggle which continues since your establishment and are always in solidarity with you.

We sincerely express our respect for TMPCWA, your families and all your supporters who have been turning down strong offensives from Toyota Motor Philippine Corporation and the Philippine government under oppressive circumstances of the mass layoff and criminal prosecutions.  

Recently, TMPC let their yellow union TMPCLO file a petition for certification election to obtain the right of collective bargaining with them and the Philippine government has approved this petition. Approving the right of the yellow union TMPCLO to conduct certification election means that the Philippine government would tolerate the fact that TMPC continues to ignore the decision of the Supreme Court and, as a matter of fact, defend their refusal to collective bargaining and their offensives against TMPCWA. We strongly protest against this decision together with you.   

Although we are far away across the sea, we in solidarity fight against Toyota Japan Headquarters and TMPC.  Please always remember that we ZENZOSEN are always with you and fight together with you and there are a lot of workers and citizens supporting our struggle here in Japan.  

Keep on fighting together till the victory is ours!

June 22, 2005

ZENZOSEN (All Japan Shipbuilding & Engineering Union Kanto Region)